Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"The First to Fall" by Carol Galusha

The First to Fall follows the lives of five children who grow up in a small Illinois town in the 1900s. Their bond remains strong despite racial and economic differences. The children become adults and endure times of loneliness, prejudice, and death.

Marcus and Jackson remain faithful to each other even as they become adults. Mabel must survive the loss of both Ellen and Samantha. She remains true to her childhood friends as she continues to live in Elkhart. It isn't until her old age when she is rewarded with finding them again.

I hate to give this a three but for the life of me I couldnt see giving it more. Had a great storyline, could have been much much more. Loved the history through out and I did enjoy reading it. But like I said it could have been longer and more detailed, going more into the characters lives than skipping around. Again I am not putting author down, I did enjoy the book, I will pass it along to others and Looking forward to seeing more out of this author!! Good job.

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