Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Rebellion" by Nora Roberts (A MacGregor Novel)

Heavenly Hellion
    One look at the ravishing red-haired beauty and Brigham Langston was captivated. But though Serena macGregor had the face of an angel, she was a wildcat who spurned his advances with a  rapier-sharp tongue. To hot-tempered Serena, Brigham was just another Englishman to be despised. But in the arms of the dashing and dangerous English Lord, the proud Scottish beauty's hatred soon melted with the heat of their passion.
    I am just going to say this now...I HEART Nora Roberts. Her books arent too gooey and annoyingly descriptive as far as the nookie goes. I am just now getting around to reading the Scottish MacGregor books and I know, I know I should have read them a long time ago...I'm only half Scottish and half Irish ya know....Love Serena's character. Fiesty and courageous, with an attitude. ((Drools)) sexy Brigham...Such a great story...I am ready for another MacGregor book....

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