Sunday, March 4, 2012

"An Academic Plan for Success Known as The Pentagram Spectrum of Success" by Gaines Bradford Jackson

    Dr. Gaines B. Jackson has accumulated over twenty years of practical and academic experiences in mathematics and the physical sciences. He received a B. S. in Analytical Chemistry from West Texas State University, after which he worked for Sinclair Oil and Gas Company. In 1972, he received his master's of science degree in Environmental Science from the University of Texas at Houston. Until 1977, he worked for the Oklahoma Department of Health as a wastewater research chemist. In 1983, he received a Dr. of Public Health in Environmental Health with an extensive publication on the reuse of primary treated municipal wastewater using the land application technique called the "Spray Run-off Method". He has published in numerous national journals and invented the "Water Utility Converter" and  "The Jackson's Water Wheel", both very practical slide charts that auctally work. He has also authored "Applied Water and Spentwater Chemistry--A Laboratory Manual", "Applied  Nomography Training for the Water Utility Operator", and co-authored with Hellen Sue Way, "Transitional Science". He is always available for lectures through the Rose State College Retired Professor's Speaker's Bureau in Midwest City, Oklahoma.
    Very helpful and intelligent book. Makes you use your brain for more than just the normal. I grew up knowing this person and watched his boys grow up. He worked with my mother for years. Very informational!!!!

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