Sunday, May 6, 2012

"The First Dragoneer" by M.R. Mathias (A Dragoneer Saga)

This PREQUEL NOVELLA to the Dragoneers Saga is a FREE Goodreads ereader Download. If the format looks good I will leave it that way!

Two young men, on the cusp of adulthood go on a hunt they want to remember forever. When they cross a ridge and leave the protected boundries of their kingdom, they find themselves a cavern to explore. Inside the cavern they find exactly what they were seeking.....
Lurking inside this hole in the earth is something they will never forget.... If they can live to remember!

OH lure me in and hit SEND to grab the Dragoneers Saga!!!!!!! Fell in love with the main characters and I am DYING to read the first in the saga!!!!!!!! Fantastic Job!!

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