Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bricktown shooting after Thunder Game...

Coming to realize the worse night I have expierenced. My husband, brother and two of our friends were having a blast in Thunder Alley. The OKC Thunder won an amazing game and we were ready to go and not stay after the game. Walking on the sidewalk on the northside of Reno Ave in front of the bricktown field, i heard a loud gunshot and with the second one we were falling to the ground in the only way i knew to keep safe, flat as can be. 8-10 shots rang out ,screams and panic was all around after the shooting was over. Standing up and seeing a man laying on his back in the street, checking around then the sirens of police came, it was overwhelming. We traveled another few feet down from this victim to come across another shooting victim, a young girl. after yelling at the police there was another one, we walked probably another 10 ft and there laying on the ground was yet another victim. We came so close to being shot, I was in shock. Making it to our truck was hard enough. I patted myself down everywhere looking for blood or holes, did the same to my husband. God had his arms wrapped safely around us, we (5) were lucky we werent shot. I cant help thinking if we wouldnt have hit the ground...Could not sleep last night, if i did drift off i dreamt of loud gunshots and seeing my friends and family with bleeding bullet holes. No clue how I will sleep tonight, but even as i sit here typing away, I can feel the aches and pains and shock wearing off. I love the OKC Thunder, but with going to watch their games are going to turn out like last night...my children deserve to have their parents here and not shot to death on the street. I can honestly say I am scared. My honest account of what happened..After hearing the first shots and watching the entire crowd of people falling to their stomaches with screams of terror, kids, babies, adults, everywhere. I am done with this blog insert. Just thought I would share.

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