Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Key of Knowledge" by Nora Roberts (Key Trilogy Book 2)

Even with all Dana had seen and done, with all she'd been a part of over the last four weeks, it was hard to believe she was stretched out in the backseat of her mother's car, heading back up the steep winding road to the great stone house of Warrior's Peak. And what waited for her there.

It wasn't storming, as it had been on her first trip to the Peak, after receiving that intriguing invitation for "cocktails and conversation" from Rowena and Pitte, an invitation that had gone out to only two other women. And she wasn't alone. And this time, she thought, she knew exactly what she was in for.

Idly, she opened the notebook she'd brought along and read the summary she'd written of the story she'd heard on her first visit to Warrior's Peak.

Each daughter, demi-goddess, has a specific talent or gift. One is art, or beauty, the other is knowledge or truth, the third is courage or valor. A spell is cast on the daughters. The daughters' souls are stolen, locked in a glass box, known as the Box of Souls, which can only be opened by three keys turned by human hands. If the quest is completed, the Box of Souls will be opened and The Daughters of Glass freed. And the three women would have a cool one million dollars each.

An interesting story, Dana mused, until you understood it wasn't a story but a fact. Until you understood you were one of the three women who had the means to unlock the Box of Souls. Then it just got weird...

Yes Just as I thought. Dana...I love love love her Pitte Yummmmm. Yes quite yum. Its hard to drool over a character in a book...YET how well Nora describes the characters...i was quite drooling.....I am again patiently freaking out so i can grab the next book and get to town...I bet I can finish it in less than a day....SHhhhh took me 7 hours on this baby. Grats Nora, A MUST READ!!!!!

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