Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Jewels of the Sun" by Nora Roberts (Gallaghers of Ardmore / Irish Trilogy #1)

In her new trilogy, New York Times #1 Best Selling author, Nora Roberts returns to the lush, green hills of Ireland, where love is forever touched by magic - And where the Gallagher siblings explore the depth of their fiery hearts.

Determining to reevaluate her life, Jude Murray flees America to take refugee in Faerie Hill Cottage, immersing herself in the study of Irish Folk and discovers hope for the future of the magical past.

Finally back home in Ireland after years of traveling, Aidan Gallagher possesses an uncommon understanding of his country's haunting myths. Although he's devoted to managing the family pub, a hint of wildness still glints in his stormy eyes--and in Jude, he sees a woman who can both soothe his heart and stir his blood. And he begins to share the legends of the land with her--while they create a passionate history of their own...

Jude is a strong and very brave woman. This book captured my heart and I loved the story line!! And can I say Aidan is HAWT. Amazing story, fantastic about bringing out the myths and stories of Ireland. Nora really brings a piece of Ireland into this book. I am so looking forward to book two. I couldnt put it down. I read it in 5 hours and to say that is awesome. LOVED IT!!!! Loads of humor, love, adventure...just plain loved it!!!!

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