Saturday, October 12, 2013

"Super Zombie Juice : Mega Bomb" by MJA Ware

When life gives you lemons, kill zombies -- turns out lemon juice neutralizes the undead.

After a failed attempt at running away, best friends Nathan and Misty return home expecting to face angry parents. Instead, they discover the military has destroyed the bridges out of their rural town and everyone's fled--except a small horde of the living dead. The stress of flesh-eating zombies may be more than their already strained relationship can handle.

Even with the help of the town geek and lemonade-powered Super-Soakers, there's not enough time to squeeze their way out of this sticky mess. Unless the trio eradicates the zombie infestation, while avoiding the deadly zombie snot, the military will blow the town, and them, to pulp.

Their only shot is something with a lot more punch. Something like the Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb. But even if their friendship survives, there's another problem: Someone has to lure the undead into the trap.

Includes two free short stories.
Print length is approximately 204 pages (40,000 words).
May not be suitable for kids under 9

I hate to write bad reviews. It was enjoyable, but I couldn't finish the book. I read so much, and dont judge on my reviews, because I have a huge back log of reviews to write.  I thought this book was on the "could have been ALOT better" maybe the author should have worked on longer with more detail. I just could NOT get into the book. Sorry

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