Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Her Master's Touch" by Patricia Watters

She's the mystery debutante of the season, who arrived on the London scene as if from out of nowhere. But Lord Damon Ravencroft knows her dark secret. Two years before, when she was roaming with Gypsies and living by her wits in India, he hired her as a housemaid and she stole from him a rare and valuable opal once belonging to the Empress Josephine. Damon intends to be compensated for its loss, which set him back years in his quest to prove his innocence in a crime he's accused of committing. The sizable dowry that comes with Lady Elizabeth Sheffield's hand in marriage is a start. It's also his price to keep her secret from all of London. But there's more to the marriage of convenience Damon proposes than Elizabeth anticipated, but by the time she learns what it is, she's trapped in a marriage to a man who both stirs her passions and fuels her resentment for the man she was forced to wed.

Ahhh...I read it. Wasn't throughly impressed. Story was good, but drawn out and pretty slow. Great, original idea on love story, but to me it seemed rushed and forced, and she was really mean, but so was he. I dont know, wasnt a "melt your heart and make goo goo face" romance...

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