Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Handsome Bastard" by Kate Hill (Ancient Blood Series)

Handsome Bastard Kate Hill "Part of the Ancient Blood series." Cyprian Augustus, a blood-drinker of irresistible charm and deadly cunning, has eluded hunters from the purist group We Who Serve Humanity for centuries. Now he's pitted against their most dangerous warrior. Beautiful and heartless, Leotine has destroyed every blood-drinker she has been sent to kill. Cyprian and Leotine begin a perilous game of seduction and lies. In their attempt to outsmart each other, they might just lose themselves to the all-consuming passion burning between them.

Was totally not what I was imagining. But I really did enjoy it, hot and spicey, yes! If and when I get time I would be interested in reading more from the Ancient Blood series. Loved the detail, characters, setting, and storyline. Easy to read, fun, great descriptive scenes...cough Not thrilled about the cover...Could have been better on that. Good recommending book!

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